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September 30, 2011 / chubchased

Female Chub Chasers- An Exploration

 Welcome to my world- a world in which a happily portly man ambles around, drawing the unsolicited desires of a very small subsection of our culture.  I am referring to the rare but growing demographic that can only be called Female Chub Chasers.  This is not to be confused with the equally rare (and equally fond of penis) Chub Chasers, which are gay males who enjoy rolling in the hay with men who have rolls of their own.  Well, you might say- that sounds rare indeed!  Who on earth would want to play the role of Moses, parting the Red Sea of fat and cellulite, just to (hopefully) find said penis?!  I admit, I’m as flummoxed by it as you are- it defies logic.  But since we are all lacking a logical explanation of this phenomenon, I feel the only thing we can do is to be scientific about our observances and see if it leads to a theory.  The following posts will be an exploration of all things Chub Chaser, from the position of this chased man.  Your comments, as a chaser or a chasee are encouraged.


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  1. fatdaddy / Oct 1 2011 4:49 am

    This is truly a growing phenomenon as the obesity epidemic becomes an obesity fetish. I too am chub, and married to a petite chaser. But it is indeed true that I have been feeling the leers of young women ogling my roundness more and more frequently. Maybe some of your science will reveal a shift in the perceptions of what is attractive as the younger generations grow up in this overweight world. Glad to be on the forefront of hotness!!

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